June 17, 2008

i believe in magic

Yesterday I entered this giveaway over at today is pretty. I never win when I enter these things, but if I like what the person hosting the giveaway has to offer, then I'll enter.

To my surprise, I won! And I won the photo I wanted, too!

Pretty, huh? It's called "i believe in magic."

Speaking of giveaways, Shutterfly has offered me a free photo book, but I have to redeem the coupon by next Tuesday. What pictures should I put in the photo book? Honeymoon pictures? Pictures of our first year of marriage? Mandy's wedding? My favorite photos from the year that I've taken? I can't really decide, so help me out here.


WeezerMonkey said...

I vote honeymoon!

Erika said...

^ Ditto!!

Brandy said...

True non-winners cannot post TWO wins in one post ;) I love that picture.

My vote is random pics you love. Which could include all of those events!

Claire said...

Ooh, what a cool photo! Congrats on winning!

My vote is for honeymoon also... Although I am really digging a lot of the shots you've posted lately... So maybe you'll win another free photo book next year for that? :)

amber said...

very cool photo!

i'd be torn between HM or favorite shots from this year. hmmm... i'll buck the trend and say your favorite photos :)