December 9, 2010

18 Months Old

Charlie turned 18 months old yesterday. Here I am, wondering again why someone doesn't invent a contraption that slows down time.

This past month I've watched my kiddo face a big change - the arrival of his little brother Simon. I wasn't 100% sure what to expect, but I figured Charlie would handle the transition with ease. So far he has proved me right. There have been no real issues so far. Instead there have been some really wonderful moments, where I've had the pleasure of seeing Charlie stroke Simon's ultra-soft hair, give him kisses, and say "Saz?" upon seeing him. It does so much to ease that guilt that I feel at having to divide my time and attention between two kids. I know that I have given each of them the gift of a lifetime: a brother and (hopefully) a built-in best friend.

Charlie continues to amaze me with everything he's picked up, especially all his words. I love that he meows when he comes across the picture of the kitty in his little first words book and that he goes "YOR!" for a lion roar. I love watching him run around the house with his floppy hair and a big smile on his face. I love that he asks me to read his favorite book at least ten times an hour. It just makes me so happy to see him be happy, to watch him grow and thrive.

Roy's aunt posted this on my Facebook wall a couple of days after Simon was born:

I had the privilege of spending time with Charlie yesterday. He is completely amazing and so smart! What a terrific personality he has, he's so happy and self-assured. It's easy to tell when a child has had wonderful parenting. Simon is a lucky little guy too! Can't wait to meet him!

I loved reading that. I love knowing that Charlie is making other people happy - just by being his completely wonderful self. (And frankly, I don't feel that my parenting skills have much to do with it.)

It's hard to believe that Charlie's next big milestone is his second birthday. I'll always hope to stop time (or at least slow it down), but since that is pretty much impossible, instead I will enjoy every moment with my Chuckles. It's not always easy being the mother of a toddler, but every bear hug and slobbery kiss, every smile and belly laugh make it all entirely worth it.


amber said...

Love these pictures. Happy 18 months to Chuckles!

alejna said...

He's definitely a cutie!

I'm so impressed that you are still managing to do these updates! They will be wonderful for you all to look back at in the years to come.

That comment from Roy's aunt is really great. What a beautiful compliment to your family!