September 6, 2007

I have nothing interesting to say.

I have never had a job as boring as this one. Day after day I surf the Net, take care of personal business, send a ton of text messages, and get very little work done. There is no work to be done. It's all given to people who are much more capable than I am, apparently. I am, however, grateful for my job because it allows me to talk in an English accent for most of the day.

I have become aware that my job breeds laziness. By not having enough to do, I take forever to complete a project (probably because I stretch it out to make sure I am working on it awhile so I won't be bored for days on end). I will probably never advance in this department because the hierarchy is firmly in place....or maybe I'm just making excuses. I actually don't really want to advance. I just want some more challenging work that actually interests me.

People interest me. I am more social than I ever realized. I spent years working as a food server and loved talking to people, except for the many idiots that I was forced to wait on. (I still run into idiots now, but most of them are on internet message boards.)

There are some people that fascinate me to no end. One of them is my friend Myra, who works with me. She would make a perfect character in a novel. She's one of the most absent-minded people I know, but she is extremely smart, funny, and well put together. Well, that last one is a subject to debate, because today I walked in and she had a binder clip holding the front of her shirt together. She also uses binder clips to hold her hair back. (I used to use paper clips to do that.) Myra also has some nervous habits that I find extremely endearing. For example, she bites her lower lip to the point that it bleeds. She drives incredibly slow. But she has no problem busting a move with me if we hear awesome music somewhere or engaging in English accent talk with me.

I suppose that I should be grateful for having this boring-ass job. It'll probably give me time to write my thesis, just like it gave me time to plan my wedding. But I still have nothing interesting to say. I blame the job. It sucks all the creativity out of me.


WeezerMonkey said...

My job sucks all the creativity out of me, too, which is why I end up writing about food all the time.


I'm glad you have Myra, though!

Angie Eats Peace said...

That is how my last job was. I am so glad I have something more fulfilling, but now I am not able to know or wedding plan on the clock :(

Angie Eats Peace said...


kim said...

Careful not to get dooced. ;)

I know what you mean, though. Like I said, I think my current job totally dumbed me down. That is really sad.

Anonymous said...

Ditto that. I used to actually feel like a usefull employee. Now I feel like a useless gum chewing secretary. Not very fulfilling.