July 4, 2008

Double Exposure #10

Happy July 4th! To commemorate this special holiday, I want to share two of my absolute favorite photography blogs: Sea and Sky and Shutter Sisters (The Daily Click).

Embarrassingly, I'm not sure how the whole concept behind the Shutter Sisters blog works. It appears that it's women nominating a photo taken by another woman to appear on the blog, but I could be wrong. What is awesome about this site is that it focuses on the sisterhood of photography. Some beautiful images have been posted on the blog:

Drool-worthy, yes? Yes, indeedy.

Now, Sea and Sky is another drool-worthy, collaborative blog. Here's what they say in their "About Us" section:

Sea and Sky is a collaborative photography project and journal. Sea is M from Seattle, WA and Sky is Gilly from northern England. We have never met in real life but met and have been photo-journaling on a photo community site for nearly a year. We decided to form our own journal, with side-by-side images comparing and contrasting our days lived far apart. There are no rules and we will not normally coordinate what we shoot. We may not even post every day as we’d like to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of making our own work. It’s an organic and free-form journal of our lives as they unfold.

And what a journal it is:

As I tend to say when I like something a lot, I want to have babies with all of these pictures.

Stay safe tonight! No drinking and driving, please.

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