September 8, 2010

Charlie and the Purple Crayon/15 Months Old

Charlie seems to be learning something new every day. I really think this age is the best one yet. We've got new words: "woof" and "shoes" and "CD." Oh, and "shit." Yes, Charlie said "shit" the other day, a particularly shitty day (pun quite intended), a day in which I had to take him to the doctor to deal with diaper rash so bad that his butt was bleeding. And the cause? Too much shitting.

It was also a day in which I had to think hard about changing my vocabulary. I do like a good F bomb every now and then. And apparently an S bomb, too.


The other day Charlie was sitting in his highchair for breakfast and all of a sudden, I heard him quietly singing, "E-I-E-I-O." Up until that point, he'd only made it to "E-I-E-I," so this was very exciting.

Equally exciting? The fact that Charlie seems to have become more attached to me than ever. He'll spend good amounts of time sitting on my lap, usually playing with his little brother, and he checks in quite regularly in social situations. I love the feeling of being needed, especially because we're down to less than two months until my guess date - and I want to soak in my time with my first boy as much as I can.

All of that, though, has paved the way for some truly challenging behavior, namely lots of crying, whining, and tantrumming. He really just wants my attention all. the. time. and what can I say? When he's thrown his twentieth tantrum of the day, my patience gets tested. I have learned that I am much more patient than I give myself credit for.

So we are trying new activities as a way to keep those toddler demons at bay. Like coloring.

We bought Charlie a set of fat crayons and a big pad of drawing paper, and so far all he's really done is rip up the paper and suck on the crayons and carry both around the house. No matter, though, because I know lots of masterpieces are in his future, whenever he's ready.

Another fun activity is playing hide and seek, the modified version. Charlie loves hiding behind the glider in his room, and he is delighted when we find him and chase him around. Sitting and rolling around on the couch is equally delightful. And walking around the house naked is pretty much the best thing ever.

No, I take that back. The best thing ever is being this little guy's parent. Yes, this is a difficult age. But at the end of the day, when he's asleep in his crib, I find myself missing him, my blonde-headed Mr. Attitude, my scowly Mr. Happy, my little Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I'm content to let him sleep on, though, to head out to the porch to sip on my O'Doul's, to enjoy watching an episode of Dexter with my husband, because those moments are equally as important to soak up before it all starts again tomorrow.

Happy 15 months, Charlie. You're the best damn darn thing that ever happened to us.


inflammatory writ said...

He's just so damn cute.

amber said...

Well damn, I mean, dang, I love this post. :) The pic of Mr. Charlie in the sumo squat is just precious.