September 16, 2010

Happy Accidents

I was sorting through some photos from this past weekend, and I came across this one:


It's so technically wrong, but those kind are often my favorite. Everything else about it is so right.

I enjoy the art of photography immensely. It's still something I'd like to improve on and learn more about, but a few weeks ago I finally had the courage to say out loud that I am okay with not pursuing photography as a possible career, as a way to make money. I think I've been pushing myself to "do something" with it, and with that came tons of pressure. I don't want the pressure. I want things to unfold as they are supposed to, unforced.

So I've gone back to taking pictures solely for the sake of enjoyment. If people want me to take pictures for them, I am happy to do so. But gone is the pressure to start a business, to create a blog, to network, to perform well. This way I can make mistakes; I can be an amateur; I can photograph what I want to.

I suppose someday I might want to make my love of photography into a career (never say never, after all), but until that day comes, I am content with photography for its own sake. And wouldn't you know it, saying that makes me feel so incredibly free.

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