February 16, 2011

Simon 365 (November and December)

This is a post for my mom, who needs to set up a Facebook account NOW. If for no other reason than she needs to see pictures of her grandchildren.

This makes me realize that the digitizing of everything doesn't always make things easier. It feels like it's a million times harder to get prints of photos than it used to be. I used to just drop my film off and pick it up and distribute the pictures as needed. I kind of miss that. Now it's upload to computer, organize, edit, upload to various websites, back up, and if I'm lucky, blog. There's not enough time left to pick which photos I want printed and then send them out via snail mail to those in my life who haven't embraced the internet. And yet the other day I got an email from Shutterfly offering me 50 free prints, so yeah, that was enough to make me get on it. Those photos are now in the mail to a lucky few.

I've been keeping up very well with my 365 project of Simon's first year. I am very pleased with some of the photos, and some have come out awful. I try to check in camera to make sure that everything looks the way I want it, but sometimes I forget and end up with crappy photos. Here are some of my favorites from the last couple of months.



Today Simon is three months old. I took him to the birth center this morning and we went ahead and weighed him. 18 pounds! Holy crap, this kid is huge. What's funny is that he felt so tiny at birth and his first few weeks with us, much tinier than Charlie ever felt. Now he's just a chubby kid, and I love it.

Anyway, about that birth story. It's coming! I had to go to the birth center to get my midwife's labor notes because I have slept (or not slept, as the case may be) in the last three months, so I need something to jog my fuzzy memory. So I got a labor summary but not really any notes, and the notes are what I need. So I wait.

I have tried to add photos for January about 50 times now, and blogger just keeps telling me "Error 400 Bad Request." Whatever. Here are photos from November and December. Notice Simon looks really small in them. Well, let me tell you that (obviously, since he weighs 18 pounds) he is small no more.

I'll just share my favorites from January once February is over. Stupid blogger.

Happy 3 months, Chow Mein! (Oh yeah, Simon has a million nicknames now. Sigh, Saz, Sazzo, Chow Mein, Baby Noodles. Oddly, we don't ever refer to him as Burt Reynolds.)


Sara said...

Oh but Burt Reynolds is my favorite :)
Also shutterfly is my FAV! I can quickly and cheaply mail prints to various people and I have a picture share site for my inlaws that alerts them immediately as things are updated.
Simon is such a cutie! Cant wait to see more :)

Robyn said...

He is sooo adorable! <3