March 30, 2011

Truth on a Wednesday Morning

I read this most excellent post on parenting this morning and found myself nodding my head emphatically. And then I posted something in the comments (which disappeared, and I'm not sure why) that said: "I formula fed my first son, and the reason why I did that is because I did not get the support I needed at a critical time."

And that's the truth of what happened. No more, no less, really. I mean, I guess I could say more, but I've already done that.

It feels good to finally not feel like I am so much to blame. It's sad that so many of our parenting choices are called into question day after day after day - by other mothers, no less. Parenting has become such a three-ring circus of a pissing contest - in some circles. It's ridiculous. Yes, I'd love to feed my kids all organic/local, never have a chemical touch my kids' soft skin, and never, ever get upset with them. But some days just suck and we're all lucky just to have made it to bedtime without a major nervous breakdown.

I hope that I will never, ever, EVER again let someone make me feel so terrible for what was a necessary choice at the time.

On another note, my friend and I took our kids to McDonald's yesterday, and I nursed in public without a cover. I have nursed in public without a cover before, but really only when I was in a quiet area. This wasn't a quiet area. So color me surprised that 1) I'm one of those people who nurses in public, and 2) I actually stepped foot in a McDonald's.

Ahhh, motherhood. It's just full of the unexpected.

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