March 7, 2011

Roll Over, Beethoven

Simon rolled over for the first time on Friday! He was very sneaky about it so I didn't get it on video until today.

(If you watch the video below, you will get a bonus: hearing Charlie say "Simon," which is the cutest thing ever.)

The milestones are just as cool the second time around. There's nothing like watching a little blob of a baby gradually change into a mobile crazy kid. I find it interesting to compare Charlie and Simon, because it drives home the point that every baby is different.

Charlie rolled from back to belly for the first time when he was close to 5 months old. Simon did the same at 3.5 months. Typically, babies roll from belly to back first, but not my boys.

Charlie slept through the night for the first time at 8 months old. Simon has already done it three times. (By sleeping through the night, I mean Simon can sleep an eight to ten hour stretch without waking for a feeding. He has yet to go the entire night without a feeding, which is fine by me.)

Charlie laughed for the first time at 3 months old, and it was just a little giggle. Simon has been full-on belly laughing since he was 7 weeks old.

Charlie has cried every single time he has been vaccinated (which, of course, is what I expect. Needles aren't fun!). Simon surprised the hell out of me by not even whimpering when he got a shot at his last well check.

.Ahhhh, I just love watching them grow up.

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