November 4, 2009

Oh, happy day!

Today's been a great day. Allow me to list the reasons.

1) Charlie slept better last night than he has the last two months. He only woke up twice to be fed and only once (very briefly) just because. I woke up this morning feeling like a real person. The timing could not have been better. Yesterday, after a terrible night full of constant waking, I reluctantly got my copy of the evil Dr. Ferber's book off the shelf and seriously began thinking about sleep training. (Which would involve Charlie crying it out and which I don't want to do unless absolutely necessary.)

2) I rediscovered an old pair of jeans that I really love, and I got to wear them again for the first time in a year.

3) Charlie and I took a walk downtown to the library. It was a beautiful day, and Charlie charmed everyone who laid eyes on him (which is nothing new).

4) I plowed my name into my farm on FarmVille last night.

And now, for the big news.

5) Charlie rolled over for the very first time today.

I am such a proud mommy.


kim said...

Aww...I loved watching that. Thanks for sharing!

Nanette said...

Yay, Charlie!!!

Eric's Mommy said...

I am obsessed with Farmville! Become my neighbor! I sent you the link to my Facebook page.

Ya for Charlie rolling over!!!!

phairhead said...

hurray on the jeans!

amber said...

Dontcha just love those days when everything feels like it goes right? :) Yay Charlie!!

sherthebear said...

wow, Charlie, that was awesome!! I love it!! yay for a great day! I hope you don't have to Ferberize him, but you have to do what you gotta do. J doesn't STTN either. She still gets up at least 2X a night.

Angie Eats Peace said...

Yahoo, Charlie!

Kelli said...

Woohoo Charlie! Gosh he's adorable. :)