November 16, 2009

Wild Thing

This morning I looked at the explosion of chaos that erupted at me from every corner of the house, and I briefly thought about doing something about it. Instead I went "nah" and Charlie and I spent the day out. We went to a sorta local cloth diaper (+ other assorted crunchy items) shop, where I spent a good amount of time oohing and ahhing over their assortment of diapers, baby carriers, wooden toys, organic clothing, and all that other stuff that we crunchy granola mommies love. In the end, I purchased a leopard print fleece diaper cover (for nighttime), some diaper liners, and some chewable pads to put on the Ergo (since Charlie - and apparently every other baby in the world - likes to chew on the straps).

Of course, as anyone who cloth diapers knows, it was very difficult not to buy a ton more cute diapers. But I managed to hold off. I did, however, have a very good conversation with the two employees who were there, and they let me borrow a book on Montessori from their little library. I also discovered that the shop hosts a variety of classes and gatherings for moms and babies, so I know I'll be going back for those as well. It felt good to discover a place that so closely aligns with my own parenting philosophy.

When we got home, I let Charlie try on his new diaper cover. It's huge! But he looks like the most adorable little wild Tarzan baby in it. And he's got plenty of room to grow into it.

Once Roy came home, we all had dinner together. Charlie loves his new highchair.

After dinner, Charlie and I shared quite a few laughs. I got some belly laughs out of him tonight, which is happening more often - and I adore it. Charlie really is such a happy kiddo.

So today was a good day. And lately those have been in short supply for me. So I consider it a victory. A small one, but a victory nonetheless.


inflammatory writ said...

I show friends of mine pictures of your child. Is that bad? Tell Charlie he's famous among me and two of my friends hahahaa.

Anamika said...

It's funny, I was just telling another mom "it's the small victories that make our day."

It seems all my mommy friends are having these small victories and maybe they mean nothing to those without kids. But to those of us "in the know" we celebrate each other's small victories with our own. :)

sherthebear said...

I love that store!! I got those pads for the Ergo, babies love to chew!

amber said...

I'm really happy for you that you found a good place for you and the little man. And that diaper cover is too funny!