November 2, 2009

RIP, Pooh Bear Sleeper (+ Giveaway!)

It's always a sad day when Charlie outgrows one of his outfits that I love a lot. Since Charlie was six weeks old, we've had the pleasure of seeing him wear his Pooh Bear sleeper.



Last night was probably Charlie's last night wearing his oh-so-cute Pooh Bear sleeper. Although it looks like it fits fine in the picture, it doesn't even fit over his bulky nighttime diaper anymore. These are times when I want to scream hysterically and beg Charlie to stop growing so fast. But I don't. Because I am, well, classy.

But since Charlie is getting bigger, that means he must be getting older, and so I'm hosting another book giveway for Charlie's upcoming monthly birthday. Leave a comment telling me about the most horrible literary character you've come across, and you'll be entered in a drawing for a book of your choice from our Amazon book store. I will pick a winner on Sunday, November 8. Have fun!

(I think the most horrible literary character I've ever come across is Humbert Humbert from Lolita. Man, do I hate that guy.)


sherthebear said...

You know I love the Pooh Bear sleeper and I am sad that Charlie has to retire it. Why must these kids grow so quickly!!


Your little one is so cute! I just came across your blog when someone else referenced it on the diapering issue. Thank you for your input. I'm gathering as much as I can before March 1!

I'd have to say my least favorite (in terms of icky factor) literary character has to be Mr. Casaubon from George Eliot's Middlemarch. What a creep.

Myra said...

Charlie is so smily in his pictures lately :) A happy, growing baby!

One of the more horrible literary charcters that come to mind is Roger Chillingworth of Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter.

phairhead said...

i love the arms wide open shot!

Most hated character would be Honey Zipkin from The Wonder Spot by Melissa Bank

Anonymous said...

charlie has the cutest smile!

i think that cathy ames from steinbeck's east of eden is the evilest character in all of literature.

Jessica said...

I can hardly call her a literary character, because that implies that this book is literature, but the worst book character for me was Janey from Trading Up by Candice Bushnell. OMG, she was just a horrible person who I hated so much. I only finished the book because I was hoping she would die at the end...but she didn't and I was pissed. I hated that bitch.


But Charlie is so, so cute. I swear, he just gets cuter. How is that possible?

khairun said...

Miss Trunchbull from Matilda by Roald Dahl. I read it so many times as a kid just so that i could have the pleasure of witnessing her spectacular downfall at the end.

My little one is also starting to outgrow some of his ultra cute onesies. Hes acquired far too many fat folds!

p.s I did get your lovely email and my reply has been sitting inthe drafts folder because i never get the chance to finish it!

amber said...

Ah, I'm sad he's outgrowing his sleeper. :( What a cutie pie, though!

Don't know that I'd call him literary, but Voldemort sure is a mean son of a gun. ;)

Bex said...

That's one fine sleeper if you ask me :)
Again, I'm blanking on everyone book I've ever read. I must read too much non-fiction...