November 19, 2009

At the Car Wash

For once I'm not going to discuss Charlie and sleep. Enjoy the break while it lasts.

I got my car washed today and decided to take some photos from inside the car. I couldn't resist, especially since it was one of those old-school car washes that still uses the big brushes.

It was fun.

When I was little, those big brushes used to scare me and thrill me at the same time. I never was sure if the car was moving or if the brushes were. I used to wonder the same thing about the clouds. And I also thought that the moon followed me around when I was in a moving car.

Oh, to be young again. I had an imagination the size of this world.

What fun/weird things did you think when you were a kid? I love hearing these kinds of stories. Tell me, please.


phairhead said...

used to think that my parents were aliens

Sara said...

i used to think there was an actual man in the moon that watched over the world at night!

alejna said...

I love those photos! And I loved being inside a carwash, too, when I was a kid. (In a car, of course.)

I can't think of any stories right now. I'm supposed to be doing work. Ack.

MJ said...

i used to think that dogs and cats gets married. guess who's the boy? the dog. haha.

when i was traveling in the car on the highway, i squint my eye and watch the streetlights to see it elongate and shorten non stop.

used to think the shadow of raindrops on the car windows formed on my skin are temporary disease. eeks!

Erika said...

*I used to love it when my parents took me to a do it yourself car wash and my dad used to point the water at the window I was looking out of, used to get a kick out of that.

* used to think that lighting was god playing bowling with the angels.

* used to think that the cal Worthington commercial said pussy cow instead of go see cal. for the longest time i didn't understand why he said pussy cow.

Myra said...

OMG!!! I thought those commercials said "pussy cow" too!!!!

I loved car washes, too.

And for some time, I think I really believed the moon was made of cheese.

Erika said...

^ i STILL sing pussy cow to this day....LOL.....everybody gives me a strange look......

amber said...


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