November 12, 2009

I wanna soak up the sun...

Just kidding! I'm far too paranoid (and white) to soak up the sun for long.

Mandy and I enjoyed a day at the spa today. Her hubs (and my main babysitter) Paul came over to hang with Charlie while Mandy and I pampered ourselves. We ate well, sat in the saline pool, hung out in the sauna and steam room, floated around in the lounge pool, covered ourselves in mud, and laid out (in the shade) reading and relaxing. So awesome.

This was our view from our lounge chairs.

I felt very self-conscious at first. I have never been very comfortable in a bathing suit. It only took a little while and I was walking around in a bikini without feeling like everyone was looking at me and my cellulite and jiggly tummy (and thighs and butt).

However, I'm sure that everyone was looking at my godawful gangly toenails.

I wanted a pedicure, but at $50 a pop, that was a big hellz no.

It was a great time with one of my most favorite gals. This was the first time she and I have gotten to hang out sans husbands and baby since Charlie was born. I'm really happy that we stole some time for just us girls.

(Nothing like a blurry photo to complete the day.)


phairhead said...

looks fabulous!!

hey i have the same feet :D

Amy said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!

Angie Eats Peace said...

Sounds like fun!

amber said...

I think I know where you were and if so, that place is fabulous!! I'm glad you had a girl's day. :)