November 11, 2009

The 24-Hour Rule

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers on my last post. You guys are awesome - you totally made my day.

I woke up this morning determined to make it a good day. I actually got to shower first thing, which never really happens anymore due to the way mornings unfold around our house these days. The nurse from our new life insurance company came by to make sure we're healthy (we are!), and then Charlie and I met Mandy and Paul for lunch and Becki and Luke for shopping. Then I took Charlie for a nice long drive so he could nap, and I completely forgot that I had a chiropractor appointment. Motherhood really has stolen my brain.

Charlie's had a number of firsts this week: he's officially in his new car seat (as of yesterday), and today he sat in a shopping cart for the first time (with a harness to hold him up) and in his high chair for the first time. Today he also figured out how to tip over the standing part of his activity mat. He's also getting more mobile, turning himself in circles as he rolls over onto his side and kicks his legs. It truly is amazing watching him grow and learn.

This week I've learned something myself, and it only took me 30 years. I've learned the value of waiting 24 hours to respond to a sticky or emotional situation. There have been two instances this week that made me want to react automatically (and with fervor), but instead I rode out my initial emotions and was able to approach both situations with a clearer head the next day. I am very proud of this, because I am far too reactionary at times - and I end up saying things that I really don't mean.

So that's my dose of wisdom: if you find yourself needing to respond to someone who has made you angry or hurt you in some way, give it some time if you can. Even a day can offer you so much perspective.

And that's all I've got. I'm limited to one bit of wisdom a week or so.

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sherthebear said...

yay for Charlie's firsts!