June 5, 2011

Still Life

My kids are my main muses, but I often find myself drawn to silence and stillness around the house.

(a flower Charlie brought home from a walk)

(unmade bed)

(thumbelina carrots from the farmer's market)

(plants' reflection in our kitchen sink faucet)


(tomatoes from the farmer's market)




(grapefruit from our tree)

I had a little cold on Saturday but was feeling much better today. Some chicken soup and oscillococcinum kicked that pesky cold's ass. Good thing, because this week we've got two birthdays to celebrate and my mom is flying in on Thursday. I'm pretty excited to see her. The last time she was here, Charlie and Simon looked like this:

A lot can change in six months! And I can't believe Charlie is turning 2 on Wednesday. Wasn't he just born?


alejna said...

I love this set of photos! So many of them have such great light and shadows. I find the shot of the tomatoes particularly appealing. The unmade bed, too. (For that matter, I'm not a big fan of made beds. Too orderly!)

And of course your boys are adorable. ( I am also having trouble believing that Charlie will be 2 this week. It can't be possible!)

Leslie said...

Thanks, Alejna! The tomato shot is my favorite, too. :)

(I can't believe Charlie is turning 2 either. *sob*)

Kimberly said...

Great photos Leslie! I love every day moments and things. These really capture that! :)