July 5, 2011

Charlie's Favorite Songs

In no particular order:

Blueberry Pie by Bette Midler

One Day by Matisyahu (feat. Akon)

Howl by Florence and the Machine

Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) by Arcade Fire

If I Had a Boat by Lyle Lovett

The kid's got eclectic taste in music. I wonder where he gets that from?


Kimberly said...

Love it!

And thanks again for the intro to"One Day" It is amazing!

Jessica said...

So awesome! (Now I know what is in store for my son. His six month birthday is coming up in a few days, and so far he is indifferent to music, except for one song I sing to him - it always stops his crying, at least until I stop singing.)

This is going to be my play-list for tomorrow.

Thank you!