July 19, 2011

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I've been writing blog entries in my head but haven't summoned the energy to sit down and write here. Truthfully, I've been in kind of a slump. For now, life is hard and it takes enormous amounts of effort to breathe through each day. A lot of things are piling up, ranging from the very serious (we are broke, the birth center owes us $3000 and refuses to pay so now we have to go to court on August 31, and in the meantime, there are car repairs and checkups for our cats and a sleep study for Roy waiting in the wings) to the moderately serious (I need a root canal and we don't have dental insurance, and also I hurt my back) to the annoyances of the everyday (Simon's slobber managed to kill my phone and my laptop power cord, neither of which are cheap to replace; there are ants in our kitchen; our toilet is leaking; it's fucking hot outside; my kids like to scream loudly all day long; I'm not getting enough sleep; I feel hungry all the time and there is not enough junk food in this house to satisfy me; my toenails look like claws; I have Sesame Street songs playing on repeat in my head every single day).

So. You can understand if I'm a little grouchy. I'm kind of like an old guy growling at people to GET OFF MY LAWN. I'm even hunched over like him because of the aforementioned back injury.

I feel the need to retreat, and so I'm taking a break. I'll see you back here when I'm feeling better.

In the meantime, stay off my lawn.


Sara said...

You are a strong lady and you will pull through!! Once all of this crap blows over, you will look back with pride over the way you endured everything! I KNOW you can do it! HUGS my friend..

alejna said...

Oh! Not fun. I hope that things turn around for you soon. You need to catch a break!

Kimberly said...

Leslie - I'm not sure I can say it better than what Sara said. You are strong. It likely doesn't feel that way to you, especially now, however push forward. You will get through this. I'm always here to listen (or to hide you in my house, away from everything, until everything is better!) :)

Erika said...

hey Leslie,

call me i want to take you out to lunch.

You deserve it.

Melissa Blake said...

oh no! I hope things turn around for you!