May 26, 2007

Communication, or the lack thereof

When there's no communication, even the once strongest of relationships is destined to fail. Lately I've been thinking about how people communicate. It's rarely straightforward. We usually deliver our wants and needs thinly disguised as requests or something else that's considered more polite and less demanding.

This isn't a hidden message about the state of my relationship with Roy, but like every relationship in the world, it's not perfect and could always be improved upon. No, this is more about the professional relationships I have.

You can say anything you want to as long as you say it well. As a food server, I learned the art of saying what I needed to say for my mental health and sanity. I realized that I could insult anyone as long as I insulted them without them realizing they were being insulted. I don't necessarily enjoy insulting people, but in the precarious (and largely powerless) position I was always in, sometimes I needed that power.

I've been having major issues with one of my wedding vendors, and the main reason for it is poor communication between us. I just sent an email to them detailing exactly what I need from them. Hopefully this will resolve the problem, and I can breathe a little bit.

But not yet. This is why I am here at 4:15 in the morning. True to form, when I am stressed or worried, my insomnia flares up. I cannot wait until my wedding brain turns back into my normal brain.

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Angie Eats Peace said...

do you remember what life was like before weddings? im starting to forget, if you do, please remind me.