June 26, 2007

18 Days: Nazi Bride

Forgive me, but like any good bride to be, I'm gonna rant a bit. I've always been a person who's prompt with responses, so it's hard for me to grasp how people can just blatantly ignore an RSVP due date. Our due date was almost two weeks ago, and we still have people who have not RSVPed. I know that people have lives, but I have a final headcount due date as well!

Here's another thing that annoys me: people who say "Yeah, I'm gonna come to your wedding" and then once it's time for a confirmed answer, they say they can't come. I understand people not being able to make it, but why'd they say they were going to be there? Why so casual about it? Why not just be honest and say, "I'll try to make it"?

So here are today's wedding related accomplishments so far:

Ordered the rest of the fans for the ceremony.
Made a list of duties for each member of the bridal party (I know that makes me sound like a Nazi - see today's blog title).
Wrote a huge chunk of my vendor review of my florists - so much has been going on with them that I decided to start it before the wedding in order to keep track of all the details (again, see today's blog title).
Worked on Roy's wedding present (a project in the making for quite a long while).
Went to second hair trial (will post pics once I get them).

Oh, I also washed most of the dishes that had been collecting in the sink for about a week. I so used to be cleaner until I got bride brain. This morning I managed to leave the house without either my veil or my camera.

Anyway, today's post - yep, it's rather boring. Oh well. I think I might become more of an interesting person once I'm done planning this wedding.

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Angie Eats Peace said...

it's insane how much this shit takes over your life! hang in there homie, your almost there.