June 25, 2007

19 Days: Tired Bride

Wow, what a day. I basically went to work, did a little shopping, and came home, but all that took so much energy. I feel completely drained. It's not even 9 PM yet, and I'm completely ready for bed. I think I'm going to head off soon, because the earlier I get to work tomorrow, the better. Tomorrow I'm going to have my second hair trial since the first one fell, and I have to leave work early to do it. Here are some pics from my first trial (I had my makeup done too):

I look like a bride, yes? After all these months, I finally felt like a bride when I had my hair and makeup done. It's unfortunate that we associate being a bride with being a vision of beauty. I mean, brides are so much more than objects of beauty. They are amazing women going through an amazing transformation. They are mythical creatures walking the path of the archetypal maiden. They are strong women in the midst of creating a union that will last them for the rest of their lives.

That's just my theory anyway. I'm too tired to back it up with any hard evidence though, so take it or leave it.

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