June 2, 2009


Tonight I discovered my first stretch marks. Fuck me running. I can't believe that they are just now showing up, when I'm 40+ freaking weeks pregnant - shame on me for thinking I could beat genetics.

Anyway, they are on the underside of my belly, and they aren't too terrible, and there aren't too many of them (so far). But I haven't been able to fall asleep since I discovered them. My body has been forever changed by this kid, which isn't a bad thing - but now I am even more ready for him to make his appearance. I feel like I've been pregnant forever.

I am so incredibly anxious about my doctor's appointment tomorrow. I can't help but feel that I will get the same news that I've gotten the last four times I've been checked: no progress. I am still feeling Charlie high up, so I still don't think he's dropped completely. Sometimes babies never drop at all, sometimes they don't drop until the mother is in labor - so it should be interesting to see what happens.

I am getting restless - and a little tired of being in this holding pattern. I just want to meet my baby. (And not get any more stretch marks. Yes, I'm shallow.)


Eric's Mommy said...

Oh no! I made it to the very end too, without stretchmarks, so I thought. One day I was on the couch and my husband pointed my stretchmarks out to me! I couldn't see below my belly so I had no idea. Mine ended up on the inside of my thighs up pretty high. *ugh*

Hang in there!

tootie said...

Aren't there creams for stretch marks? (Or is that just to fool never-been-pregnant people like me?)

Hope Charlie comes soon!

Myra said...

I recently read an interview of the actress, Kate Blanchett (yes, I am shallow like that) and I really liked what she said about how a woman's body changes through pregnancy. "When you've had children, your body changes; there's history to it. I like the evolution of that history." Your newly discovered stretch marks chroncile part of the evolution of your body's history, and how as you have said: Charlie has changed that forever. Plus, you are still a hot momma!

cowboyboot lady said...

Heck, I have stretch marks on my thighs and I've never had a baby! lol I hope you get some new news at the doctor tomorrow!!!!

I know this is totally bad timing as you could go into labor at any moment. But I'm curious... I've been thinking...what was it that made you decide to quit smoking? How difficult was it? I am thinking of a friend of mine and trying to understand why he just doesn't quit! I have never been a smoker and totally do NOT understand.

phairhead said...

i have boobie stretch marks!!! i'm shallow too!!! boyfriend says he could care less

SandraD said...

I hate to say, but when the baby is out. The skin tries to bounce back and you'll have a lot of stretch marks you didn't think were there. Three kids later, I have stretch marks everywhere....lol.

Leslie said...

Eric's Mommy - It's nice to know I'm not the only one. :)

tootie - Yes, there are a variety of creams/lotions you can use for stretch marks, but ultimately genetics is the main factor that determines your likelihood of getting them.

Myra - That's a great way to look at it; thanks for sharing that with me. I miss you, fwend.

cowboyboot lady - I could write pages and pages on the subject of quitting smoking, but I'll try to keep it brief. I decided to quit smoking because I was ready. I was about to get married and I knew kids wouldn't be that far off into the future. My mom has been a smoker for pretty much my entire life, and while she always discouraged me from smoking, the very fact that she smoked was probably a big factor as to why I was able to justify starting in the first place. I don't blame the fact that I started smoking on her, but I do think that parents need to model the "correct" behavior for their children - otherwise, kids get mixed signals. Anyway, I looked into the future and realized that I didn't want to be a mom who smoked. So I quit, and I did it cold turkey. It was difficult, but it has been so worth it. I know that it's hard for an outsider to understand the lure of nicotine, but let me assure you that it's a powerful addiction - thus it's hard to just quit. You have to really want it. As far as your friend goes, offer him your support but try not to moralize. I wrote a whole blog post on the matter if you need more info:


phairhead - You have a great boyfriend. :)

SandraD - I've heard that! I'm sure that'll end up happening to me as well.

cowboyboot lady said...

Thanks! I knew you could give me some insight. :)

Leslie said...

You're welcome! Hope that helps some. :)

amber said...

Ugh. That's like such a tease to not have gotten them this whole time and now right at the end - Bam! Booooo!