June 8, 2010


My baby is one year old today.




I simply cannot believe it. But then I look over at my 24 pound kiddo with his mop of crazy blonde hair and his mouthful of teeth, and I know it must be true. He's a baby no longer.


In the Six Feet Under finale, Claire, the youngest of the Fisher kids, says good-bye to her family. She's off to New York to fulfill her destiny. Crying, she thanks her mother Ruth for giving her life. Ruth shakes her head and says, "You gave ME life."

And that's just how it is, isn't it?


Oddly, I find myself at a loss for words on this day. I made a video that does a good job of expressing just how much I love my little man. It's twelve minutes long, so consider yourself warned.


I love you, Charlie. Thank you for giving me life.


phairhead said...

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

I loved the music on the video

Eric's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Beautiful video Leslie, made me cry of course.

I also love your Six Feet Under reference, best show EVER.

Ricci said...

Happy birthday, Charlie!

Crazy Daisy said...

Beautiful video.

amber said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Charlie!