January 1, 2011

The Best Intentions

Hello, 2011!! It's a new year, a blank slate (so to speak). I have a lot of hopes for it.

I want to not get pregnant this year. After spending much of the last 2+ years being pregnant, I need a real break from child-bearing.

I want to make our bed every morning. I feel so good when the bed is made. I feel so good when it's unmade, too, because it's so welcoming - but a made bed makes the room feel put together and less cramped.

I want to get our finances under control. We've changed our health insurance plan and paid off one of our cars. These are two big steps. But they aren't enough. I want to learn the art of couponing, develop a budget, and use our tax return to pay down our debt.

I want to stop impulse buying, at the grocery store and otherwise. Last year we did really well with not buying things on impulse, but it all fell apart as Simon's due date got closer and the holidays happened.

I want to read more. I want to read the books that I already have on my to-be-read shelf here. I especially want to read more poetry.

I want to write more. Last year I made a return to journaling and writing poetry, and I want to continue in that direction. I still go back and forth on continuing with this blog. I try not to think about it too much and instead just post something when I feel like it.

I want to take a few appropriate steps back from technology. I want to write more letters and send less email. I want to make phone calls instead of texting. I want to give face-to-face time instead of Facebook time.

I want to take lots of photos. Not just of my family, but of the world around me. I want to develop my photo skills and experiment more.

I want to not compare myself to others. My path is my own; why do I continue to look to others to validate my life and decide my worth?

I want to unclutter our house once again. The chaos of Simon's birth plus the holidays has left us with a pretty messy and cramped existence. I now feel like we have outgrown our little house, but instead of moving to a bigger one, it makes more sense to pare down our belongings.

I want to make family dinner a priority. We hardly ever eat dinner as a family. We usually feed Charlie and eat after he goes to bed. He's getting old enough to notice this stuff, so that means it's time to change our habits.

I want to develop a plan for moving to a place that suits us better. It's time to get out of Southern California.

I want to listen to all the CDs and downloads that I have instead of constantly looking for new music.

I want to breastfeed Simon until at least his first birthday. With how well things have been going, this seems like a very attainable goal.

I want to exercise. I have no goals for weight loss or anything, but I just want to get out there and be active.

I want to spend a lot of time with my little nephew (who is due next week!).

I want to make more time for my friends. I think I'm doing pretty good at this already, but there are still some friends that I hardly ever get to see or talk to.

I want to get my computer organized. It's pretty much been a mess since I was pregnant with Charlie.

I want to go to Texas to see my family. This pretty much depends entirely on our financial situation.

I want to put my passions into practice and work towards making a career for myself. While I may have to get a temporary job waiting tables or something to make ends meet, I don't want to settle on something long-term just for the sake of having money. I think I have finally figured out some big truths when it comes to jobs/careers/vocations, and well, I'm ready to begin exploring my options.

And lastly, I want to learn to live in the moment more. I often find myself wishing away the hard times in favor of easier times, but I'd do good to remember that it's good to "be grateful for this moment. This moment is your life." So that's my word for the year: moment. My focal point, my place of return.

But my first real goal for 2011 is to finish up Simon's birth story and share it with you all. It's definitely time.

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Crazy Daisy said...

Leslie - this is amazing and beautiful and totally inspiring. thank you.

As I read through your list, I found myself wanting to shout "AMEN!" after nearly each of your statements! So many I have a similar goal (okay, I really wouldn't shout AMEN, however maybe a HELL YEAH SISTA! would have slipped)

I'm also looking at some of my goals this weekend, in prep for my birthday goal evaluation ;)

I LOVE couponing! Though I'm not great at it, I'm working on it. I'll email you some of my fav sites!