February 12, 2008

Here's some news.

I'm going to be participating in a photography workshop in Orange County, courtesy of The Mamarazzi School! Even though I'm not a mom, I've been following this blog since its very beginning, which wasn't too long ago, actually. I really love the tips that are posted on the blog, as well as the photos, of course. You don't have to be a mom to get something out of it. An interest in photography is what's most important.

Well, I'm excited. I'm itching to learn as much as I can about photography, so this is definitely a cool thing for me. The downside? The workshop isn't until August. But it's really something to look forward to.

In other news, Roy had a job interview today and got offered a job. It would be so great if he wouldn't be taking a pay cut of about $4 per hour. So the job is pretty much a no-no. I think the only reason he'd be forced to take it is if he can't find anything else. He needs the hours for his program, and he won't be able to graduate without them. So here's hoping another opportunity arises.

Not much else to say, really. So here's a photo of Cerby, Mandy's dog. That's some serious nose action right there.


Angie Eats Peace said...

That is awesome about the workshop.

**Fingers crossed for Roy.**

amber said...

okay, that is totally awesome about the workshop! i'm very happy for you :D

really hope another job presents itself to roy, especially one that comes with a larger paycheck attached to it.

that doggie is just a cutie pie.

Crazy Daisy said...

Sounds like a great workshop!

dapotato said...

cute photo. :)
yay for the workshop!

sherthebear said...

very jealous about the workshop, sounds like tons of fun.

GL to Roy!!!!

alyssa said...

That's such a cute photo of the doggie! Looks like you are really good at photography for it being just a hobby :)

Nanette said...

Thinking good thoughts for Roy and his job endeavors!

Lesli said...

That is so cool about the workshop!
Where in Orange County?