February 11, 2008

Taggin', Bloggin'

I got tagged by Crazy Daisy the other day. Thanks for the tag!

Here are the rules:

1) Post about the meme, linking to the person who tagged you.

2) Go back through your archives and post links to your five favorite blog posts that you have written.
Link one must be about family.
Link two must be about friends.
Link three must be about yourself.
Link four must be about something you love.
Link five can be anything you choose.

3) Tag five other people.

4) Let the person you tagged know they have been tagged by posting on their blog.

And here we go....

Family: It's gotta be this one, where I talk about my dad and our quasi-relationship. Depressing? Yes. But sometimes these things need to be said.

Friends: While this one talks about a whole hell of a lot of stuff, friends are one of the most important subjects.

Myself: I love this. It just flowed out of me, like it had been waiting to be written for a very long time. I love it so much that I may turn it in as an assignment for my creative writing class (with some edits, natch).

Something I love: Here's a big long list of things I love.

Anything: How about my first blog post? It's one of the few posts that has never gotten any comments. Go on, leave one!

And now, I'm tagging....

Librarian Girl at Pop Culture Librarian
Lesli at Pretty Random Thoughts
Kari at My Inflammatory Writ
tater at tasty tater talks

But if you don't wish to partake in the bloggishness, that's cool too.


Lesli said...

I am definitely going to do this, but it will take some thought so it might not be instantaneously. Thanks for including me, Leslie!

~Lesli =^.^=

amber said...

cool way to look back on things you've posted and reminisce a bit. :)

dapotato said...

this is a fun one. thanks for the tag. i'll get to this one day. ;)

Librarian Girl said...

I love all those posts and enjoyed re-reading them!

I am stocking your meme into my "blogs for a rainy day" folder, when I am at a loss for what to write. Coming soon!

Lesli said...

I haven't forgotten...still on my To Do List!