February 21, 2008

Victorian Magic

Here are some random shots from our stay at the Morey Mansion Inn. Enjoy! There's definitely more where these came from.

The entryway to the path that leads to the gazebo (behind the inn)

The inn! You can't really tell from this picture, but the front door is off to the side of the house, and to me, that's very cool.

The staircase

The inn, again. This picture makes me laugh because it somehow ended up being tilted.

Window seat in the sitting/living room

Strange sculpture in the sitting/living room. It reminds me of a suit of armor.

My favorite chandelier in the whole house! It's in the living/sitting room, and I love the details. Maybe this is weird, but sometimes when I look at this picture, it reminds me of HR Giger's work.

Old school radiator in the game room

Eye of the (stuffed) buffalo, also located in the game room

The window in our bathroom


WeezerMonkey said...

Magically delicious!

The "suit of armor" is so out of place, though. That's gotta go, Morey Mansion.

sherthebear said...

That staircase has some gorgeous detail. Mr. Bear would love it!

alyssa said...

You had me until the stuffed buffalo :)

Angie Eats Peace said...

The gazebo is gorgeous.

I absolutely want to stay there.

kim said...

That house reminds me of part of the Winchester Mystery House. So cool looking!