September 22, 2008


Yesterday I was down almost three pounds, and today I'm back up pretty much to where I was a week ago. Is there something that would make me gain back three pounds in 24 hours? Because I don't get it. I was all proud of myself and shit.

We worked out three days this week. We got our asses kicked each and every time. It sucks to be us when we're working out. But I'm feeling good about this thing we've got going, even though I gained back three pounds in 24 hours.

I can tell a slight difference in my body. There's still plenty of softness there, but I can feel muscle where I didn't feel it before. I guess that's what counts, right?


WeezerMonkey said...

I say it's just water!

Amy said...

I seriously doubt you gained that much in one day. Besides don't weigh yourself everyday silly girl. :)

JennB said...

I bet it's water like WeeMo said. Just relax and weigh again in a week.

10yearstogether said...

Everyone roller coasters and it really is frustrating. Best thing to do IMO is to just weigh yourself once a week and if you think it's totally off, weigh yourself again the next day. GL!

amber said...

i know it's not good, but i actually do weigh myself everyday, but then only count the measurement each monday. for me, i need to keep track of daily changes (yeah, maybe i'm a bit OCD), but for consistency, it's better to just count it one day a week.

try that and see if it makes a difference.