September 16, 2008


I joined the Photo Trade this month. Basically, it's just as it sounds - trading photos with a partner each month. The photos are all based on a theme. The theme for September is "Still."

Here are the two photos I'm going to send out. I hope my partner likes them!

You can see other people's photos here.

In other news:

1) Roy and I worked out again tonight. I cussed at the TV quite a bit.

2) My computer is still being kind of a douchebag.

3) Last night I actually wrote a couple of poems that didn't suck sweaty balls.

4) I am reading a really good book.

5) I actually haven't been hating my job these days.

The end, for tonight.


Angie Eats Peace said...

Fucken Jillian, I did not cuss much in Level 1...Level 2 is a different story.

I love the second picture.

I am interested to hear more about this book.

phairhead said...

yes yes poetry should only suck clean balls

amber said...

that first photo is really beautiful. so calming.

i can hear "sweaty balls" and not think of that SNL skit. and now i'm giggling like a little girl!

oh, i had bought that book ages ago, never read it and finally donated it. looks like i'll have to go grab it from the library.