September 3, 2008


I'm breaking my five-day silence with a pretty random post. Without pictures, unfortunately.

-My computer and external hard drive have both been giving me a lot of trouble since last week. Frankly, at the moment I feel like throwing both of them out of the window and starting fresh. I want to get a Mac, but I can't really justify it right now because my computer is still under warranty. And yes, I took my computer in to be fixed last week, and it came out even worse.

-I did a photo session this past weekend, and I haven't been able to share it due to my computer issues. It's not like my computer is not working at all, but last night I opened Lightroom to do some editing - only to find that everything I've worked on since June is gone. It's a good thing that I am good about saving things on the hard drive. It's a bad thing that I can't trust my computer enough to keep everything on the hard drive. It's also a bad thing that I can't even do a backup of my files because the external hard drive makes my computer crash.

-I am also going crazy because I feel like we have too much stuff. None of it seems to have a place.

-At work today I was hit with the desire to rearrange our bedroom. So that's what we've been working on tonight. I'm sure it will take awhile to complete it. Of course, this is leading me to rethink all the rooms in our house to see how we can better utilize our space. But so far the notable changes in our bedroom are: 1) We removed all the books, the TV and DVD player, and our bed frame and headboard. Now our bed sits directly on the floor underneath the only window in the room. 2) We moved the fishtank into the bedroom onto the stand where the TV was. I think this is a better place for it as it's a much steadier foundation for the tank. I'm pretty excited about these changes, because our bedroom feels much more open now. We have a lot more wall space, which I am going to use to display a whole lot of art that we have floating around on our walls. I'm also stoked about removing the TV, because I've heard that it's better to keep things like that out of the bedroom.

-I am not a big fan of the wood panelling in our house and am dying to paint over it. But alas, we are renters, not owners.

-I spent the majority of this summer being pretty darn lazy. All of a sudden, I feel this desire to get things done. It hit me yesterday, and so I have been keeping pretty busy catching up on things. Productivity is a good feeling. I think it's come about because it's September, and my body is very in tune with the changes that September brings.

-Speaking of changes and September, I figured out a way to finish my MA this year without hardly ever having to go on campus. I'm going to take my foreign language online, and the only thing I will have to do other than that is work on my thesis. Fortunately, I don't need to be on campus to do that. After many, many years of adjusting my life for my school schedule, I finally won't have to. This is amazing to me. I feel like a different person.

-I signed up to participate in several cool projects, all designed to nurture my creative soul. I am very excited. Feel free to sign up too, if you want.

-I feel that there are big things on the horizon. I'm not sure what they are. For all I know, it could just be that feeling I get when the seasons change, but it feels that things are stirring, things are happening.

-Tonight I am content with my life.


WeezerMonkey said...

I don't like your extended silences!

Anyone who likes wood paneling is insane.

kim said...

I was thinking about you and school today. I am glad you found a way to spend less time on campus. And I am glad you are feeling content. :)

JennB said...

I can't wait to see what your projects bring. I hope you share. Being content is a pretty great feeling. I'm glad you're having it. Sorry about your stupid computer. Let's kick it

dapotato said...

contentedness is good.

i wonder if the old liquid starch on fabric trick for temporary wallcovering would work to cover up wood may be a pain to put over the grooves, etc.

amber said...

boo to the computer.

yay for being able to finish the MA away from campus and for cleaning out the bedroom!

Erika said...


You go girl for feeling groovy....:)


I agree with WeMo!

Angie Eats Peace said...

I am content that you are content.

Great news about school.

alyssa said...

Feeling content is wonderful and feeling like things are happening is pretty great too!