April 1, 2009

Double You Tee Eff

So today marks the beginning of April, and wow, so much will be going on this coming month!

Let me just first say that I am due to give birth to a baby NEXT month. And while it's very possible that we may end up with a June baby as opposed to a May baby, his arrival is imminent. Let the pants-shitting begin.

Now that's out of the way, here's what's scheduled to go down in April:

1) Roy's 30th birthday!
2) Two baby showers!
3) Taking the CBEST!
4) Doing maternity pictures (hopefully)!
5) Going to (and doing some photographing of) Jessica's wedding!
6) Tackling an insanely long to-do list!

I'm exhausted just thinking about it.


Bex said...

You've got quite a busy month ahead of you. Yay for showers!

amber said...

all sorts of fun stuff going on in april!!

phairhead said...

2 baby showers? nice : )