August 17, 2009

Last Week

-Charlie did a lot of this:

but not nearly enough of this:

-We lived without power in most of our house for 36 hours - that means no air! In August! Oh em gee!

-I limped around for most of the week since I pulled my butt muscle over two weeks ago. This led me to consider how the hell I was going to continue taking care of Charlie every day while letting my muscle heal. And thus Couch Parenting was born. We moved absolutely everything I could possibly need for Charlie to the couch, and I sat on an ice pack all day for several days. I even turned the pack and play into an activity area for Charlie to keep him entertained, and when he was ready to sleep, I took out all the distractions. Problem solved, and my strained muscle is now healing.

-I went to Target with Mandy and Patty and unabashedly rode the cart since it hurt to walk. Good times.

-I got some new pajama pants.

-I ate some awesome potato skins.

-We had two really freaky episodes where Charlie was having trouble breathing - both were when he was lying down needing to burp. He scratched his face as a result of the most recent one.

-I saw the freakiest child's rocking chair in a local antique store. There was something eerily familiar about it.

-I let Charlie out of the house with his hair looking like this:

-The cats hung out and played in our living room windows.

-Myra came to visit.

-I went to Myra's house and noticed that she had two of the most gigantic plecostomuses (plecostomi?) that I had ever seen. Not to mention the strangest coffee table ever.

-I searched for myself in Roy's new fish tank. Can you find me?

-We did a teensy amount of co-sleeping, which resulted in my not really sleeping at all. No flames, please!

-We discovered a new way of soothing Charlie during his witching hour: the plastic aquarium in his bedroom.

-Charlie discovered he loves playing hide-n-seek with towels and blankets.

-We finally finished the photo collage in Charlie's room. Love!

So it was kind of a tough week, with being injured and doing without AC and realizing that our child really is not as good of a sleeper as he could be. (He's now back to waking up about four times a night, and he's discovered how to bust out of his swaddle regularly, which means we have a very triumphant and completely untired baby on our hands at 2 AM.)

But it was also a good week, because I got to spend hours upon hours looking at this face.

So I can't really complain.

PS - I ended the week with about 400 unread emails in my inbox. Yes, 400. Most of which will probably end up being deleted because they're crap. So what I'm saying is that if I owe you an email, sit tight and I'll get to it sometime this year.


Angie Eats Peace said...

What a week! I am glad your injury is feeling better.

That rocking chair is freaky!

dapotato said...

ew. clowns. charlie is getting cuter and cuter. srsly.

sorry about your butt. :(

kim said...

OMG! Co-sleeping?! You freak! Get thee to the Attachment Parenting board! ;)

Love the pictures. And I especially love Charlie. He' so darn cute. xoxo

Nanette said...

I ruv Charlie.

He's beyond cute.

Myra said...

That coffee table is finally getting the attention it so yearns for :)

phairhead said...

the collage looks amazing.


Bex said...

I may have nightmares about that rocking chair.
I love that you rode the cart in Target!

Anamika said...

Clown rocking chair is especially freaky.

Also, Charlie is just so precious!

Sounds like he's having a growth spurt. :)

amber said...

Nice improv setup for being able to take care of yourself and Charlie. I'm impressed. :)

cowboyboot lady said...

Lots of great pics. You have been busy! Love the photo collage. I hope your butt muscle is doing better!

tiger said...