August 16, 2009

Fwend till the end

I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that most of you females in the audience have the same problematic relationship with other females as I seem to - that is, it's hard to find a good gal friend out there who isn't a catty bitch that'll end up stabbing you in the back.

Why am I going out on a limb like this and making this huge assumption?

Because in my many conversations with women, it seems that most, if not all, of them report having a hard time forming and keeping friendships with other females - it seems like we are all screwing each other over on a regular basis. We really do treat each other badly - hell, whole albums have been made just to explore these problematic relationships.

Even so, every once in awhile, if you're like me, you meet another woman who is so freaking awesome you don't know how you ever lived without her.

Which brings me to Myra.

I met Myra in 2006 at work. We struck up a friendship quickly and easily and before you know it, we were having lunch together every day, taking yoga together (and then eating Taco Bell afterwards), and shopping together. She made my work life so wonderful, because she made me laugh and I made her laugh and together we would just laugh and laugh and laugh. Somewhere along the line we started talking in a British accent all the time and revealing some painful secrets and visiting random stores to try on sunglasses. Our mutual friend and co-worker Beans often expressed (fake) frustration at listening to us talk, since we would both go a mile a minute and in completely different directions within the same conversation. Life with Myra as my constant companion (or "fwend," as we like to call each other) was really wonderful.

Then Myra moved away, taking away all the fun and games, and I was left to make my own fun at work, which isn't always easy when you work with a bunch of very serious adults who don't like to talk in English accents for a lark (or should I say, a "lahhhk"?).

But the cool thing about Myra is that every once in awhile, she brings her sunny self back to the Golden State. And that's what she did last week. And guess who got to hang out with her?

It was just like old times, only with a baby added in to make things more interesting.

She's the complete opposite of a catty bitch, and I am a better woman for knowing her.


cowboyboot lady said...

Good friends are some awesome to have. I love the sunglasses pics!

inflammatory writ said...

I love the Under the Pink reference! Awesome. And I also love best girlfriends. They are really important to have. :)

Myra said...

Fwend. I don't know what to say, other than: I totally fweaking LOVE YOU! I am so glad I got to see you and meet Wiggles.

Bex said...

Sad but true observation about women. It's always great to have an exception to the rule!

Erika said...

I TOTALLY feel you on this one....I have like 3 girlfriends one good one i have known for 10 yrs and the other two my besties i have known for 20 yrs.

all 3 lady's (myself included) all have such eccentric personality's that I think we all just huddled together and they all feel the same way about getting along with other woman.

But, funny thing is all 3 don't like the other girls.....LOL.....go figure!!

BTW....LOVE the team work shirt.....:)

Angie Eats Peace said...

Great post. I am so glad you have a friend like her.

phairhead said...

those photos are beautiful.

my 2 cents: it's very hard for women to maintain friendships. i, myself, have very few close friends. but those relationships are very deep and meaningful to me.

amber said...

Ah, a good girlfriend is hard to find. I have a couple that are my besties forever and they mean the world to me.

amber said...

Ah, a good girlfriend is hard to find. I have a couple that are my besties forever and they mean the world to me.