August 27, 2008

The Amazing Miss Myra and Her Dirty Thirty Celebration!

We interrupt your previously scheduled macro week to bring you breaking birthday news.

It's Myra's 30th birthday today!

When Myra and I saw each other on Saturday, we squealed like a couple of teenagers. After all, it had been five months since she moved to Maryland, and we hadn't seen each other since. We used to see each other every day, so it has been quite the adjustment not having her around all the time. I totally miss her.

But she's here now! We got together and went out to Citrus Park to take some pictures that day. Then we came back and did some shooting around downtown Riverside. We had lunch together yesterday, and I am still holding out hope that I might see her tonight since she's flying back to Maryland tomorrow.

Anyway, I haven't done a lot of work on the computer this week due to two things: 1) my computer is a piece of crap, and 2) my back has been bothering me. So I don't have a lot of pictures from Myra's Dirty 30 session. But here are a couple.

As you can see, Myra let me tie her up. She's a good sport.

I took this one as a homage to a picture taken when Myra was 16. The picture was of her profile, and she was flipping her collar up. It was Myra's idea.

That's all I have for now.

Happy birthday, fwend!


Angie Eats Peace said...

Happy Birthday to Mayra!

WeezerMonkey said...

Happy birthday, Myra!

Myra said...

Thank you so much for the homage, Fwend! You totally rock! I can't wait for you to get a chance to come out to Maryland so I can tie you up against a cherry tree. Wow. that reads very kinky....Thank you for making me look beautiful! And thank you to the others for the birthday wishes! I have a good feeling about starting this next decade in my life...

amber said...

a very happy dirty 30 to myra!

Claire said...

Ooh, I love both shots. Happy birthday to Myra!

Erika said...

Good Shots!

happy belated birthday Myra!!