November 5, 2008

101 in 1001 List: A Much Delayed Update

Wow, I can't believe it's been over a year since I made my 101 in 1001 list of goals! I haven't updated in a long time. On my last update, I had 88 items to go.

Here's what I had accomplished as of last January:

48) Finish thank you notes for wedding presents.
52) Report our videographer to the BBB.
74) Break my Us Weekly addiction.
76) Shut down my Vonage account.
97) Make wedding albums as gifts for family members.
98) Close credit card accounts once paid off.
81) Give food (not money) to a homeless person.
1) Obtain a decent SLR camera and learn to use it.
47) Get rid of my bridal magazines.
53) Get Roy a new car.
72) Try some kind of food item that truly scares me.
77) Get the Twin Peaks DVD box set.
81) Give food (not money) to a homeless person.
99) Buy a shoe rack for Roy.

Here's what I've accomplished since then:

5) Work on my extremely long (work in progress) poem. This is an ongoing project that may never be finished, but yes, I've worked on it.

8) Change my name. You can read all about that here.

17) Part with the books that no longer interest me. We purged our book collection in a big way back at the beginning of the summer. As a result, I have 120+ credits on PaperBackSwap, with 100+ books left to get rid of. We've decided that we will once again be paring down our collection once we get into our new house this weekend. I'm thinking I'll be opening up a store on Amazon.

19) Take a photography class. It was actually a workshop, but it's close enough. I'd like to take some more classes and attend some more workshops if I ever graduate.

21) Go to a concert (it's been entirely too long). I'm going to call this a concert.

27) Visit my brother in Minneapolis. Yep, did that!

29) Research the job and housing markets in Oregon. It may be awhile longer before we make a big out-of-state move, but I have looked into this. I'm going to look into it more as time passes and (hopefully) the economy improves.

37) Buy an external hard drive and back up computers every week. My computer gets backed up every day. Roy doesn't really seem to care about his.

38) Get a new battery for my iPod. Even better: I got a whole new iPod. Thank you, cutest husband ever!

42) Frame the painting that's in the closet. Done!

43) Move into a house. So done, and so cool!

46) Buy a better desk. I actually didn't buy it; it came with the house.

49) Get my car detailed. I do this once in a blue moon, and I took care of this during the summer.

56) Use the FAM birth control method to its full potential. Yep, I'm pregnant! But I guess I shouldn't have referred to it as a method of birth control.

61) Become informed about the Presidential candidates.

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