November 5, 2008

Yes, we did!

Wow, yesterday was quite a day. I was amazed and moved by the voter turnout. I had tears in my eyes during McCain's concession speech (I felt really sorry for him and even a bit for Palin as well). And I got chills when Obama spoke.

I am thrilled to have someone intelligent and passionate (and liberal) in the White House. I don't know what the future holds, but Obama has always managed to inspire hope in me. I hope his time as our President is fruitful.

My favorite memory from yesterday is refreshing my browser and seeing the page below. It was so unexpected to have the race called so early.

I was (and still am) completely awestruck by this wonderful turn of events. Today I am so proud to be an American - not just because my candidate of choice won, but because people let go of their apathy and let their voices be heard.

I do have to say, though, that these gay marriage bans that have passed in different states make me very, very sad. I can't believe we just voted Obama in as our new President but we can't let go of our fears and judgment about same-sex marriage. I will be waiting all day to hear the results of California's Prop 8.

Until then...



WeezerMonkey said...

100% ditto.

amber said...

i absolutely LOVE that photo! i couldn't stop laughing over it last night :)

i'm feeling quite good today!

thebookmill said...

that's a great photo. love it. your posts got me all fired up about prop 8, i'm also anxiously awaiting the results of that vote.

phairhead said...

They were calling Obama the victor at 9:30 pm New York time. America did something right!

Rene Lacoste said...

Thank goodness you did! Having Sarah Palin as a president of the US someday...oh God...whatever made the Republicans choose her! And btw, how've you been :) Long long see