December 19, 2008

17 weeks

Today I'm 17 weeks pregnant. Wow! Almost halfway through - time is flying.

Bunlet is now the size of an onion.

I took WeeMo's suggestion on my last belly pic post and decided to take belly pics with something that is close to Bunlet's size. So this week it's our stuffed Christmas penguin.

I really don't like this picture. I need to take my belly pics in the morning, because I look like death warmed over at night.

I got my hair done this week and admitted to my hairdresser that I am indeed pregnant. She said that she immediately noticed when she saw me that I had a tummy but wasn't sure if it was due to pregnancy or just weight gain. So apparently I'm still at the "is she pregnant or has she just had too much beer" phase.

Noteworthy (pregnancy-related) events of the week:

1) It is now extremely easy to find Bunlet's heartbeat on the doppler both at home and at the doctor's office. We used to have to search quite a bit for it, but now it's a piece of cake.

2) Roy and I actually went to Babies R Us last Saturday. It was not as overwhelming as I expected it to be, maybe because I don't go crazy over baby stuff in general. But it did spur me to look for baby things online. I found a couple of bedding sets that I like, both of which seem to be gender-neutral to me.

This one is labeled for a boy, but whatever, it's cute for a girl, too. Down with the pink and blue stereotypes!

This set is really cute. I had a huge collection of stuffed monkeys as a kid, so I really love monkey stuff for kids.

Of course, I will do a ton of research before we start buying/registering, all with the help of my well-loved copy of Baby Bargains.

3) The night we celebrated Paul's birthday, my nephew Noah asked me, just as I was about to bite into my big honkin' piece of cake, "Aunt Leslie, did you have your baby?"

"No," I said, "why do you ask?"

And then he replied, "Because you're eating cake."

I couldn't help but laugh. I love kids. I love the stuff they come up with. I can't wait to hear the crazy stuff that is bound to come out of Bunlet's mouth.

4) I already know that Bunlet is moving around like crazy, but within the next few weeks I should actually begin feeling it. While Roy and I were shopping this past weekend, I felt a strange sensation. It felt like something was poking me very gently from the inside. It happened a few times in a short amount of time and then stopped altogether, and I haven't felt it since. So it probably wasn't baby movement. It's really hard to tell, though, with all the other weird things that are going on (stretching, etc).

5) Melinda, she of poo-flinging fame, has generously offered to throw us a co-ed baby shower. This is a girl who wakes up at 4:00 AM for work five days a week and will be in school until 10 PM four nights a week next quarter. She's freaking insane. But she insists she can handle it. She's a braver woman than me, that's for sure.

That's all the news I've got for now, but watch for my official vote-if-Bunlet-is-a-boy-or-girl post coming up this weekend. There's a prize in it for you - maybe even more than one prize if I get enough participants.


JennB said...

1. you look great in that picture and very pregnant, not like you had too much beer (or doughnuts).
2. I really like bedding one. It could work either way for a girl or boy. Can't wait to see what else you post
3. you kid will come up with some random things I bet. Check out Signing Times. I recommend it 100%
4.Can't wait to see what kind of crazy co-ed baby shower Melinda throws you.

Oh and I like WeeMo's suggestion. I can't believe Bunlet is so big already. I bet you did feel Bunlet move. They say 16 weeks...

sherthebear said...

I love the bedding too. I was also looking at the monkey one. Boy or Girl I love green and brown combos. You look great in the pic, what a cute belly bump you have! It may have been Bunlet that you feel. I have been asked if I could feel Baby Bear, they keep telling me anytime now. How exciting!!

alejna said...

You and your penguin look lovely.

I like the monkey bedding. Hurray for monkeys!

phairhead said...

cute shot of you! imo go w/ the monkey themed nursery

Angie Eats Peace said...

Ok, now I REALLY like the monkey theme!

Bex said...

I love the argyle bedding! The penguin idea is cute, I can't believe you're already 17 weeks!

Amy said...

I LOVE that first set of bedding! Too cute! And you definitely look pregnant and not the in between beer belly stage.

WeezerMonkey said...

Yay! I love that you are taking pics with objects that approximate Bunlet's size!

alyssa said...

I love how babies in the belly are compared to produce :) It really makes it manageable to understand size though :)

amber said...

i think your belly pic this week is cute. you look so happy! :D

Claire said...

Ooh, nice idea with the belly pics. And both bedding sets are so cute, although I'm definitely partial to monkeys.