July 9, 2007

5 Days: Grateful Bride

Over the course of planning my wedding, I've complained a lot...and with good reason. Unfortunately, weddings tend to bring out the worst in people.

Fortunately for brides everywhere, weddings also bring out the best in people. Today I got direct evidence of that. When I got home, I almost immediately began making dinner when Roy said, "Oh yeah, we got a box in the mail today." (Leave it to a guy to not bring that up first thing!) Anyway, I tore open the box and found a gift from someone very unexpected. (This person shall remain nameless for the time being.) All I could say was "Wow." I felt this surge of emotion at this kind gesture by someone so discreet. I was very surprised, to say the least...and also very touched.

It feels strange to say that some of the people who have supported me the most through this process of marriage are people that I didn't even know when I got engaged. People like Melinda, Myra, Kristy, the IE knotties, and this person who shall remain nameless. You know who you are. To all of you, I just have to say thank you. I am so grateful to have shared this time with you.


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Rene Lacoste said...

unexpected but good-intentioned gestures....i can understand what you mean...:) and my poetry???let me alert you that i've started writing very recently......and all previous attempts at poetry have turned out to be total disasters......My two elder sisters write amazing poems.....full in depth and meaning......as for me....as you woiuld have noticed....the attempts are at best amateurish....To anyone else, it'll look like a desperate attempt to pen rhyming lines.....sometimes it is.....but mostly it isnt....and for me, they're as deep in meaning as it can get.....the readers i get might not think so though....