July 1, 2007

13 Days: Good Time Party Girl Bride

Today I witnessed an incredible event. I saw the bottom of our hamper for the first time in probably about 2 months! We have been doing enough laundry to just get by, but now all our clothes are clean. Is it wrong that this excites me?

Today I got to escape from being a bride, for a few hours at least. I went to my friend Melinda's bridal shower. My shower was truly an awesome experience for me, and I hope hers was just as wonderful for her. It was a really fun shower, and the food was good too. Here are some highlights:

The food.

The bride with her awesome veil.

Melinda showing off her inherited china. Very beautiful, if I do say so myself.

I just love this one. Her expression is priceless!

Melinda and her bridesmaids.

Melinda and Alyson, who made the rehearsal bouquet.

The bride and the bride. Yes, that's the same outfit I wore to my work shower. I did wash it though.

Oh, and I would like to add that I won the who-knows-the-bride-the-best game. I also got her the naughtiest present, hands down.

People who think that bridal showers are about gifts are wrong. I remember how I felt at my shower: just genuinely happy and loved. It is the most awesome feeling to be surrouded by people who love you. Best wishes to Melinda, aka the Worm!

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Anonymous said...

WOOT!!! Great pics! I feel so honored that you mostly dedicated a day of posting to my shower. Yay! I had a blast, thank you so much for taking a few hours away from your brideness to give me some bridal love. :D
The worm herself.