July 5, 2007

9 Days: Shopaholic Bride

Now that the planning is winding down, I have some major shopping to do. I haven't bought new clothes in what feels like forever, so I went out with my friend Myra to do some shopping after work. I would just like to say that normally I hate shopping with other people, but Myra and I shop well together. We move at the same pace, and of course, many jokes are made. Anyway, I can't buy too much, being as we're broke and all, but I thought it'd be nice to have some new things for the honeymoon and after.

In other wedding related news, our presents for our mothers and my main present for Roy came in today, and they (photo albums) all look beautiful. Also, we received a wedding present from my uncle Charles, who always gives the best gifts. He is really into art, so we got some hand-carved nesting boxes. I think that's what they're called anyway. One box fits into another box which fits into another. Very cool.

There are more things to be done, but I will get to them as I can over the next week or so. I can't believe that our wedding is almost here. It feels both surreal and very real at the same time. I am more excited than worried, and I thought I would never get to this point. Whatever happens, happens. At the end of the day, I will be married to my very best friend.


Rene Lacoste said...

Aah....I like the idea of those hand-carved nested boxes....as you put them....You're a graduate student?????:O....

Angie Eats Peace said...

w0000t! it's coming so fast. hurray for OG presents. holla.