October 23, 2009

Friday Cuteness!

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm all dressed up (in Leslie terms), ready to go with two homies to see RENT!, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm wearing a postpartum girdle of sorts under my clothes. It does a lot for smoothing out the ol' muffin top.

So earlier I was in the kitchen washing dishes (more on that later), and I saw Charlie enjoying the wonders of discovering his feet. He actually started sort of playing with them last night but has been doing it a lot today. Of course, Mao had to get in on the action. I caught it all on video, because that is just how technologically advanced I am.

(If you're wondering why Charlie's chin is so very shiny, it's because it's covered in drool!)

About the dishes. Our dishwasher hates us and is leaving lots of soap residue on our dishes. Unfortunately, it is so tough to get it off once it's there. I've tried a multitude of things: different soap, soaking the dishes in almost boiling water (without soap), running some vinegar and Charlie's Soap in the dishwasher (separate cycles, of course). Got any ideas?

Have a great weekend, everyone! I'm not sure if I'll get around to blogging this weekend, but either way, I'll see you next week.

(Oh, and PS - What are you doing this weekend?)


phairhead said...

sooooo cute!!!

this weekend, we are getting a free meal from the boyfriend's parents, cleaning the house, finish unpacking, decorating, doing to 2 concerts and general errands. whew!

kim said...

Have fun at Rent!

Crazy Daisy said...

Super cute video! Have fun out on the town :)

I'm going to attempt to finish cleaning our basement, and then see my friend Tink before her move!

inflammatory writ said...

I DIE. Charlie is sooo cute. I want to eat his legs! And Mao is ADORABLE. My Scampy does that jumping up on the legs thing. <3 x 1000!

inflammatory writ said...

Oh. And I am moving. Forever and ever. That's what I am doing. LOL.

Myra said...

Love it! I love Charlie! Please tell him.

I'm trying rock climbing this weekend. Indoor, I think. Wish me luck. I'm pretty excited about it.

Nanette said...

Too sweet!

Joy said...

Absolutely adorable :-)

With the dishwasher issue, we've had something similar happen twice. Once, it was because the water heater had somehow been turned down and the water wasn't hot enough. But it sounds more like you have what happened to us the second time, our water softener wasn't processing correctly and we simply had to unclog the intact for the salt and refill it. Of course, it took us almost 2 months to figure that out... Anyway, I would look at both those things. :-)

amber said...

Well, you can see why he is so enamored with his feet - they're pretty cool! ;)