October 25, 2009

This Weekend

-Charlie spit up his entire bottle down my shirt after I was all dressed and ready to go out on Friday night.

-I ate in an entirely vegan restaurant.

-I went to see RENT! with my homies, and it was ohhhhhhhhh-mazing. On the way over, we reminisced about our weddings, and on the way back, I got to play DJ and we rocked all the way home.

-I left my wallet in Angelina's car, and she so kindly returned it to me, along with her copy of movie version of RENT for me to borrow. Now that's service!

-I went to a meet-up for a mom's group I joined at the beginning of the month. And it was there that I realized that Charlie was the perfect buffer for what could have been a very awkward first encounter with about ten women I'd never met before. And it was also there that Charlie sat up unassisted for the first time. Not for long, and not very steadily, but he did it. (No photos, because I was a little busy making sure he didn't fall.)

-We went to the mall as a family, and it was horrific. I even had an epiphany of sorts, which I may even write about.

-I cleared out my inbox from 2100 emails (no lie) to approximately 300. I realized that I subscribe to way too many daily emails from various sites, and so I spent a good portion of Saturday night unsubscribing.

-I slept in both Saturday and Sunday, thanks to Roy, who always takes baby duty in the morning so I can get some extra Z's and he can get some extra Charlie time.

-I ended my cheap shampoo experiment and went back to using my uber-expensive shampoo, and my hair feels ohhhhhhh-mazing. I still need a makeover, though.

-We went to Lowe's to get some material to fix Charlie's closet rod, which was ruined when Kerwin climbed on top of it one day. See?

-I watched a couple of episodes from the first season of Ugly Betty while Roy cleaned the bathroom. Yes, my husband is a rockstar.

-We went to family dinner and then brought Charlie home, where he fussed and fussed until we put him to bed. And he's there now, mostly sleeping but still fussing off and on.

-I paid a bill, went through a big stack of mail, and am about to take care of some other random things before heading off to bed.


Angie Eats Peace said...

Very productive!
How did you like Ugly Betty? My family loves it, but I have still never seen it.

I really enjoyed Friday! I hope you hoes liked the vegan fare!

phairhead said...

wow! sounds ooooooohhhh-mazing!! :D

Myra said...

I am getting jealous that Angelina is taking my place as the Mexican woman in your life. Oh wait, I'm Japanic, and therefor not replaceable. Nevermind :) Glad to hear you got out and about with some girls and had fun. Love ya!

amber said...

Love RENT! Have seen it twice and am hoping to see it again and again. :)