October 30, 2009

This week has sucked big green ones.

TGIF, seriously.

Charlie has been under the weather for most of the week. Not even the vibrator (which has now been replaced by the vibrating component from Charlie's old swing) has kept him asleep for long at night.

And Roy and I haven't been feeling so great, either, but we're thinking it's mostly sleep deprivation making us feel like we've been run over by Mack trucks repeatedly.

I'm looking forward to Halloween and some rest this weekend. I'm still not sure what Halloween has in store for us, as it really depends on how Charlie's feeling. I did take him out today, and he did fine, so we're thinking all will be good for tomorrow.

Since it's the end of yet another month, I thought I'd go over on how I did with October's goals. Out of the five, I accomplished three. I found a mom's group in my area (and even attended a get-together), we took Charlie to the pumpkin patch, and I did edit a ton of photos (although I still have more to do).

I was unable to finalize my annotated bibliography and thesis proposal because I have yet to hear back from my second reader on my thesis committee. I submitted my work to her back on October 6, so I'm definitely in the WTF stage - especially since I have made the attempt to follow up with her several times. I have one more chance to submit my proposal this quarter. Otherwise it'll have to be submitted next quarter, which I was hoping to avoid. Oh well. I've done what I can.

I also was unable to attend an ICAN meeting, but that's because no one from my local chapter has contacted me yet. I did, however, get invited to another nearby area's meeting, and so I may just start attending those meetings.

All in all, I'm proud of all I did accomplish in October, and so I've decided to set some more goals for November (and roll over my two from October).

1) Finalize annotated bibliography and thesis proposal.
2) Attend an ICAN meeting.
3) Do not eat any candy for the entire month. (In other words, quit eating candy cold turkey. I am so bingeing tomorrow.)
4) Get new life insurance policies for both Roy and me.
5) Blog every day.
6) Try not to get sucked into Facebook (and FarmVille) too much. (I rejoined Facebook and am completely addicted.)

So that's that. Have a happy Halloween, everyone. Stay safe.


Crazy Daisy said...

OOH. Facebook. I'm totally on that in one of my other windows :) I was playing Farmtown on there All the time. It is ridiculous yet, kind of relaxing?! :)

have a great super candy day tomorrow!

phairhead said...

good luck w/ candy abstinence. i find myself either alot of the sweet stuff or none at all.

Farmville rules!!! if yr interested, friend me. I'm Sue Bernardi

amber said...

It's nice being your friend on FB. :)