January 18, 2010

Happy Monday!

Happy MLK Jr. Day!

My Facebook status update for today (posted this morning):

Right now: C's asleep in his crib (miracle), bed is made (another miracle), dishes are done, laundry's put away, I've managed to go without Dr. Pepper, cleanse diet is going well, I'm showered and groomed and made up, and we're going to head out in about an hour for lunch with some of my gals. It's shaping up to be a day full of win.

Today was a good day. I've made it my mission to make Mondays awesome because I often have a hard time adjusting to Roy going back to work after having him home all weekend.

What can I say? I get lonely.

If you follow me on Twitter, then you noticed that my tweets today consisted only of updates about Charlie's naps and what I ate. Painfully boring, yes - and I apologize, truly. But very useful for me. This week my two primary concerns are getting Charlie to nap in his crib and making my way through this cleanse diet successfully.

Today Charlie took his morning nap in his crib after about 40 minutes of rolling around and playing. He stayed asleep for a record hour and a half. I was thrilled. But I ended up being unsuccessful for his afternoon nap. I tried for almost three hours to get him to nap at home and then I gave up and took him for a car ride, which always does the trick.


So I'm happy about the first nap but seriously bummed about the second. Oh well, tomorrow I'll try again. And if my efforts fail again, I'll gaze upon this picture wistfully:

Yes, that is what a baby who sleeps in his crib looks like. Blurry photo and pumpkin pajamas and all.

Now, about the cleanse Roy and I are doing. We did something similar about a year and a half ago. We're doing this again because our chiropractor (who is very much into body/mind/spirit wellness) recommended it to both of us after we both had BioMeridian scans done. Our results: we are full of toxins! Time to purge.

Today was the first day, and I am surprised at how much easier it was than the last time. I think doing this while being at home instead of working is what's helping me, because I have a crap ton of healthy food at my disposal. So if I get hungry (and I spent the entire day being hungry), I can run to the kitchen and grab a piece of fruit. It was a little more difficult at work because I often felt too tempted by the vending machines, plus I never brought enough food with me.

We're playing a little fast and loose with the rules, but nothing major. Today, for example, I allowed myself some tortilla chips and a couple of arnold palmers. I did not have one Dr. Pepper, though, and this is major.

I'm not sure how long we're going to keep this up, anywhere from a week to three weeks. I'm hoping that I'll lose some weight as a result, but not too much. I really just need to tone up. Exercise is another story entirely.

So the self-improvement continues, as usual.

What made your Monday happy?


Eric's Mommy said...

I got to "work from home" because of the snow. LOL

phairhead said...

i had a great lunch date w/ sexybeast. gave myself an evening facial. worked on the wedding database :D

Angie Eats Peace said...

Best of luck on your improvements. Setting new habits is never easy.

Lunch with you gals was the happy part of my day :)

Anamika said...

We had a great day yesterday. Lil Miss was off school and we worked on some MLK Jr. projects that even Lil Man was able to do. It was fun.

sherthebear said...

Great for C napping in the morning. I had nap issues with J as well. One nap at a time!

Ricci said...

This is one of my new favorite blogs

Leslie said...

Eric's Mommy - That is awesome. Love not going to work!

phairhead - Oooh, a wedding database! Sounds kinda like my humongoid wedding spreadsheet!

Ang - Thank you. :) And yeah, lunch with you guys was awesome!

Manda - Aww, how cute. And fun! I learned cursive early by joining in on my brother's homework. :)

Sher - Hang in there! It will get better. I promise!

Ricci - Thank you! And welcome! :)

khairun said...

my lunch date today was cancelled, but im going to make the effort of going for a wlk with Isaac today.

Nice to know im not alone in all of this.

written with one hand because i have my other being used as a teether!


amber said...

I'm all about trying to start Mondays off on the right foot. I find that it sets the tone for my whole week.