January 3, 2010

Pardon my mess.

I got some wild hairs tonight after working out (third night in a row - yesssss!) that I wanted to spruce up my blog. Actually, I've been wanting to fix up my blog forever, because seriously, how much more boring could its layout have been? Long story short, I've figured out how to upload a photo into the header. However, I have no idea how to do anything else, like make it look the way it looks in my head. Or how to get the title back. Yikes.

I am a nerd and actually purchased a copy of a magazine for bloggers, so I'm hoping that within its pages, I will find the wisdom necessary to make things look awesome around here. I tend to get overwhelmed with stuff like this, though, and let's not forget the (im)patience factor. I would gladly pay someone to do the work for me, but hello, there's a cash flow issue around these parts.

So what I'm really trying to say is hi, thanks for stopping by, and don't mind the construction going on here.

ETA - Still playing around. Got the title back when I got rid of the photo. All the text is still crunched together, and the post titles are too small. Argh.


phairhead said...

you need a construction worker sign :D

amber said...

I'm bad with playing around with templates, too. I hope you can get it all worked out. No worries about the mess. :)

Crazy Daisy said...

Did you back up your blog before messing? Please do dear, just in case. Personal experience speaking here!!!!

alejna said...

I found WordPress to be much easier than blogger for messing with templates, which is part of why I went there.

At some point, though, I'd like to get a bit fancy. I even went and bought the CSS upgrade there. Of course, I know shit about CSS.

I look forward to seeing what you do with the blog!