January 12, 2010

Self-Portrait Outtakes

I've been busybusybusy editing a whole lot of photos. In my travels through my photo archives, I've found some interesting attempts at self portraits.

September 2008

September 2009

The first one was taken right at the beginning of my pregnancy, hence all the blemishes. Oddly I don't cringe when I see this photo, even though I am definitely not a beauty queen in it. (And who am I kidding? I'm not a beauty queen anyway.) I suppose I could have edited out the red spots, but I'm actually okay with them being there.

The second one was taken the day after I got a haircut, and I was trying to capture that "I'm so pretty, oh so pretty" feel that I always have after getting my hair did. (Which seems to magically wash away with the first shampoo, I might add.)

I got a tripod and wireless remote from my brother-in-law for Christmas, so it looks like now's the time to start on that self-portrait project that I've spent the last two years dreaming about. My reasoning? Well, I usually hate photos of myself, mainly because in them I never look the way I imagine myself to look. So I think I'd like to take some to show the world the ways I see myself, if that makes sense. Not sure when I'm going to kick off this project of mine, so in the meantime, here is a flickr set of some stunning selfies, especially the ones towards the end.

Anyone else out there considered doing a self-portrait project?


Andrea Rollier said...

hmmm that's a good idea

phairhead said...

oops i forgot my friend was signed in on my netbook. that above comment is from me :D

amber said...

I actually really like the first one.