March 9, 2010

Got me on my knees, Layla...

I first heard about sweet little Layla Grace's losing battle against neuroblastoma about a month ago. I read her story while eating potato leek soup in bed, and I couldn't stop crying. I told myself that I could not get involved with yet another tragedy that ultimately had nothing to do with me.

Except Layla, the little girl who I never had the pleasure of meeting, has everything to do with me. With everyone. She's a reminder of how fragile we are but how strong we can be. And no matter how much I wanted to bury my head in the sand and pretend like there wasn't a little girl out there named Layla Grace, I couldn't. She suffered so much. Entirely too much for a two-year-old.

But now, less than a year after her diagnosis, she is pain-free and at peace. Playing with the angels, as her Twitter update read. I'm not a religious person by any means, but for Layla's sake, I do believe in angels. And maybe even Heaven.

Rest in peace, sweet girl. Lots of love going out to Layla's family.