August 12, 2010

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 12

Day 12: A photo of you

Third trimester! 28 weeks!

Of course I had a big long post planned to discuss this milestone and how I'm feeling and all that touchy-feely stuff I like to do. But let's just say that each week seems to get more and more crazy and hectic. Last night our toilet spontaneously overflowed twice, water (complete with giant hairballs) backed up into the bathtub, and there ended up being food floating in our toilet. I even found a piece of avocado on the toilet seat. All this happened minutes before bedtime, and I expected to be up all night worrying. But instead I slept pretty damn well, the best I've slept for the first time in months. The relaxation stuff is working, and I'm stoked.


Amanda said...

Look at your cute pregnant ass! I'm glad you got some rest! Finally!

amber said...

Me thinks someone is cooking a baby! You look great Leslie!