August 27, 2010

Cute, Soft Things + BBR List Update

You may recall that once I hit the 100-days-until-Burt-Reynolds'-birth, I made a list, now called the BBR (Before Burt Reynolds) list. Here's an update for you:

Find a doula. DONE! Just sent in the deposit tonight.
Figure out insurance/birth center mess. (IN PROGRESS)
Go to Bradley class every week. (IN PROGRESS)
Do Hypnobabies home study course. (IN PROGRESS)
Write birth plan.
Read birth books. (IN PROGRESS)
Pack birth center bag.
Pack just-in-case bag for transfer to hospital.
Pack overnight bag for Charlie for his stay with family.
Make quilt for Burt Reynolds.
Make Christmas stocking for Burt Reynolds.
Go through all emails from birth center and print out relevant ones.
Get Charlie's Halloween costume together. (IN PROGRESS)
Set up house to accommodate two kiddos. (IN PROGRESS)
Go through all baby stuff: wash, sort, and hang up. DONE!
Dye Moby wrap.
Finish organizing the house and garage. (IN PROGRESS)
Get rid of stuff: have a yard sale, sell big-ticket items on Ebay/craigslist, donate the rest. (IN PROGRESS)
Convert all velcro on diaper covers to snaps. (IN PROGRESS)
Shred all confidential documents.
Organize computer: photos, documents, bookmarks. (IN PROGRESS)
Edit all unedited photos on computer. (IN PROGRESS)
Book a photographer for maternity, birth, and newborn photos. (IN PROGRESS)
Get finances under control. (IN PROGRESS)
Get addresses organized for birth announcements.
Scan in old family photos. (IN PROGRESS)
Set up Burt Reynolds with our pediatrician.
Finish babyproofing. (IN PROGRESS)
Finish bucket list.
Clean out email inbox. DONE!

And now for something much more fun.

Diapers! We had a rather meager newborn stash when we started using cloth diapers on Charlie. So we decided to bulk up our newborn stash for Burt Reynolds, because let's face it, the less disposable diapers that end up in a landfill, the better. Last week I bought another mom's entire newborn stash for $75 (and she threw in some baby clothes). That's one of the many cool things about cloth diapers - you can buy used and save a bundle.

Here's our new and improved newborn stash:

I'll break it down for you. Without links, because I'm lazy. Sorry. Google is your friend.

3 dozen or so prefolds (some from Green Mountain Diapers, some from Jillian's Drawers)
4 Mutts fitteds
1 Spooky Kitty fitted
7 Kissaluvs fitteds (some unbleached)
1 All-in-one purchased from here
a variety of covers, 11 total (wool, fleece, Bummis, Thirsties, Bumkins, Diaperaps)

We should have enough diapers to easily get us through two days (hopefully three), and I am super stoked that I didn't spend an arm and a leg bulking up what we already had. All we need to do now is give them all a wash and organize the changing table to accommodate two kiddos in diapers.

And now for more cute, soft things...

Mama cloth (otherwise known as cloth menstrual pads)! I've decided to go with all cloth pads for my postpartum bleeding. At the beginning of the year, I experimented with using a cloth pad while on my period and found that I liked it. I'm also thinking that I want to find a better monthly method than disposable tampons and pads, so I may use mama cloth once I get my period again. Otherwise, I may go for a DivaCup, which is supposed to be awesome (but can also have a steep learning curve).

Anyway, I ordered some cloth menstrual pads from here and here, and they are really cute!

And while I'm on the subject of cute, soft things, here's a close up of the one new diaper I purchased for Burt Reynolds:

I die at the cuteness of this diaper. Do you see that rather big-bellied person lying on the ground over there? That's me. Dead. Killed by cute overload.

Oh, and just when you thought I couldn't be any more of a Crunchy McCruncherson, I made my own laundry detergent. We're using it on everything, not just diapers. So far, so good.

I am so excited to have this baby. Tonight I was hanging up all his little clothes (most of them hand-me-downs from Charlie), and all of a sudden, I could visualize him so clearly. I almost started crying because it was just such a powerful feeling of excitement and anticipation and knowing. I can't wait to expand into a family of four (seven, if you count the cats). Only 10 more weeks until my guess date!


Crazy Daisy said...

Love love love it! :)

phairhead said...

maybe i should invent washable tampons. green is GREAT but I just can't go back to using pads

amber said...

Yeah, I'm with phairhead - pads are a no go for me and the diva cup scares the crap out of me. :/ But, I applaud your efforts!

Cloth diapers have to be one of the cutest things ever. I still waffle whether or not I'm up for it when we finally getting around to having wee ones, so I may be picking your brain when the time comes.