July 27, 2010

100 Days

Today marks 100 days until my guess date, which is what they call it at the birth center. (I like the term "guess date" much more than "due date.")

There's so much to do, and my blog will probably either be left very neglected or it will become very birthy. I'm sure there's room for other possibilities, though.

Here's my to-do list:

Find a doula.
Figure out insurance/birth center mess.
Go to Bradley class every week.
Do Hypnobabies home study course.
Write birth plan.
Read birth books.
Pack birth center bag.
Pack just-in-case bag for transfer to hospital.
Pack overnight bag for Charlie for his stay with family.
Make quilt for Burt Reynolds.
Make Christmas stocking for Burt Reynolds.
Go through all emails from birth center and print out relevant ones.
Get Charlie's Halloween costume together.
Set up house to accommodate two kiddos.
Go through all baby stuff: wash, sort, and hang up.
Dye Moby wrap.
Finish organizing the house and garage.
Get rid of stuff: have a yard sale, sell big-ticket items on Ebay/craigslist, donate the rest.
Convert all velcro on diaper covers to snaps.
Shred all confidential documents.
Organize computer: photos, documents, bookmarks.
Edit all unedited photos on computer.
Book a photographer for maternity, birth, and newborn photos.
Get finances under control.
Get addresses organized for birth announcements.
Scan in old family photos.
Set up Burt Reynolds with our pediatrician.
Finish babyproofing.
Finish bucket list.
Clean out email inbox.

That's a lot of stuff, and I won't be surprised if most of it doesn't get done. In a perfect world (where insomnia/exhaustion doesn't exist), the entire list would get done with time to spare. As it stands, though, I'm taking applications for personal assistant. I can pay you in cookies and jokes.


Crazy Daisy said...

mmmm. Cookies! :)

looks like a great list!

amber said...

Oh, I like "guess date" much better, too. :)